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Welcome to Go Write 2017!


Hello! This is Go Write 2017, a continuation community of [community profile] go_write , a small private community of writers who support each other in their goals. We check in from time to time about our projects, discuss writing stuff, and give each other lots of moral and emotional support in what can be a lonely endeavor, all in the privacy of a closed (after January, see below) community so we can discuss our projects in relative comfort.

Membership Rules

Though the old community is closed to new membership, this community--its continuation for 2017--is currently open to new members until the end of January. Anyone is free to join or invite new members for the month of January 2017. Afterward, you should make at least one post between February 15 and March 15. To keep our discussion limited to those who have demonstrated an interest in participating, members who have not made a post in the February 15-March 15 period will be removed from membership. We plan to make a new Go Write 2018 based on the same principle.


If you're one of the old guard, welcome back, and if you're new, welcome! Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions in a message or comment.
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Sounds like a party! I'm in.